The theatre of absurd democracy showing all over Pakistan these days is no joke. After all, it impacts the lives of 200 million people and their future. Except for a privileged segment of the metropolitan intelligentsia and donor-driven civil society, it is clear as daylight to everyone else how debilitating that impact is. The crimes of our leaders are becoming more obvious and they are splashed across the morning papers every day. Naturally, a rotten fruit gets more rotten with time.

The fantastic fairytale endings pushed by the cheerleaders of our democracy project fool no one but themselves. They continue to pontificate from privileged sofas of politically correct but unproven theories. Despite all evidence to the contrary, they still insist that everyone will eventually live happily ever after at some unspecified point in time provided we let the so-called democratic system proceed unhindered. They don’t want to talk much about here and now.

They’d rather not look deeply into the loyalty of Nawaz Sharif and his clan and coterie to Saudi royals. Doesn’t this subservience on part of the ruling PML-N leadership affect the ‘supremacy of the parliament’ that our democracy-lovers hold as dear as a holy commandment?

Doesn’t it make things worse that the Saudi royals are the key propagators of extremism and main sponsors of terrorism in Pakistan and the rest of the Muslim world?

So, when the aggressive and preposterous 30-year old Defense Minister of the kingdom, who is also the deputy-crown prince and the son of the reigning king, announced the creation of a coalition of 34 countries from the Muslim world and, without bothering to even inform us, included the name of Pakistan in the list, instead of asking for an explanation from the Saudi government, our government covered up for the Saudi royals and announced that it is very much a part of the coalition, even though it still doesn’t have a clue about its role in it.

The Saudis had done it earlier when they gathered a coalition to attack Yemen. Even after Pakistan had categorically refused to become a part of the coalition, thanks to Pakistan’s security establishment that resisted the Nawaz-government’s enthusiasm to jump in, the Saudi government continued to display the Pakistani flag among the flags of coalition member countries at the press conferences of its spokesman. At that time as well, our government allowed the Saudi royals to deceive the world about our participation in the cruel war of aggression against a poor country and its people.

This time, the purpose of gathering the coalition, believe it or not, was described as fighting terrorism worldwide. Saudis fighting terrorism; give me a break. It is clearly a ploy to create a rift in the Muslim world on sectarian lines and add to the confusion and chaos that provide an enabling environment for proliferation of terrorism. It’s very much like how the US spreads terrorism in the name of fighting it. And, thanks to our democratic government, the nuclear armed state of Pakistan has officially joined this nefarious coalition though it was not consulted before its formation and has no idea about its role in it.

There’s a narrative being created by our blindfolded lovers of democracy that would like to blame everything going wrong in the country on the security establishment since, they argue, it holds the real reins of power. They employ a selective reading of our past history to demonize the military leadership and belittle its positive role in the present context, blaming it even for what are clearly the crimes of political power players disguised as our democratic leadership.

They don’t stop to ask why, despite this absolute power that’s supposed to be wielded in the country by the military, the Rangers must struggle for a mandate to continue their successful operation in Karachi. Or why they need to approach the courts to ensure that the trial of Dr Asim Hussain, who has been charged with abetting terrorists among other things, is not influenced by Sindh government’s topmost priority of protecting their big boss Zardari and his left and right hand men? After changing the officer investigating Dr Asim Hussain and the charges against him, when the prosecutor complained in the court about the investigating officer botching up the case, the Sindh government changed the prosecutor in the case as well.

But then, the blind-faith lovers of democracy don’t care much about here and now. They don’t want to talk about the positive change that clearly exists on the ground in Karachi and the rest of Pakistan and are miserly when it comes to recognizing the leading role played by the Pak Armed Forces under General Raheel in combating the plague of terrorism that was exploding in front of our eyes before operation Zarb-e-Azab started.

They don’t want to talk much about the deep and problematic linkages of our political elite with the imperialist policies of the US-led cabal and the positive shift towards the China-Russia nexus driven by the military leadership. These momentous developments are interlinked and hold the key to Pakistan’s survival. Otherwise, we are marked by the empire as another Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Ukraine, Yemen or Syria. Left to themselves, the leading lights of our democracy will gladly follow the pied piper. Thank God, they do not have a free hand.

The love affair with the hollow name of democracy takes place in a fairyland immersed in clouds of theory, a virtual jungle of misleading numbers and loaded assumptions. The politically correct love songs for a fairytale democracy must go on regardless of what exists on the ground in its name. It doesn’t seem to matter that what comes with the tag of democracy is actually a rotten-to-the-core anti-people power-grab system, an anti-democratic retrogressive system with no room for possibilities of reform.

Those in love with the name of democracy won’t stop going round the democracy bush although it should be abundantly clear by now that what they’re going round and round so blindly is not even a bush. It’s just a tag that says ‘bush’.