News reports show that the unfortunate cases of adolescent suicide are increasing rapidly. The most common reported reason is that they were in love and wanted to marry each other in future but due to their parent’s disapproval they took this extreme step. It is quite an alarming situation for our nation. I think that it’s high time that the responsible authorities should take some steps to avoid such incidents. Primarily, the responsibility lies on the parent’s shoulders. To bridge the distending communication gap parents should take some time out from their busy schedule and talk to their children about the emotional problems they are facing. Moreover, they should keep an eye on the activities of their children and the content being watched on electronic media in their homes.

Secondly it is also the responsibility of media to keep in view the moral values and avoid showing such content which enhances the incident of these cases in society. Islamic education is extremely important for spiritual and moral grooming of teenagers and they should know that suicide is inexpiable sin hereafter. At this tender age children cannot differentiate between right and wrong. It is the duty of parents, schools and media to groom the immature minds so that they can discern between wrong and right. In essence, proper education and upbringing can save the magnificent future of Pakistan.


Islamabad, November 23.