Rulers take decisions on foreign policy, foreign loans, frequent costly foreign tours, multi—billion mega projects and foreign business deals such as import of LNG, which determine nation’s destiny, without consulting or informing the Parliament. MPs are required to vote for or against the bills as directed by party leaders or face expulsion. MPs may or may not attend any Parliamentary proceedings or may not speak a word for welfare of people in his/her five to six years tenure in Parliament. However, they are free to bestow privileges upon themselves out of poor taxpayer’s money, and now some of them are trying to be permanent liability on this poor nation with families, including former MPs as well! Since favorite party women also need fabulous pay, perks and VIP social status, so reserved seats have been provided for women to be filled through selection. MPs consume some billions of poor taxpayer’s money every year but, reportedly, their own tax payment record is not praiseworthy. And so on.

I sincerely hope as a senior citizen that worthy MPs will not mind my writing of the aforesaid facts, correct me if wrong and prove themselves cost effective to save this costly system in a bankrupt nation, surviving on foreign aid, fast increasing loans and expertise.


Rawalpindi, November 22.