It has been reported that the government of Sindh has a fixed minimum price of sugarcane at Rs182 per 40 kilograms for sugarcane crushing season 2016-17. The next crushing season in Sindh will commence from November 15, 2016. 

It merits mention that the minimum price of sugarcane has remained a point of contention between the sugar mills and the farmers for years. The resultant sugar shortage due to confrontation between them has affected consumers and the industries to a great extent. 

The provincial government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa is, therefore, requested to follow suit and decide upon a fixed price for the coming sugarcane crushing season, keeping in view the increase in the cost of production at an early date with the realisation that the government has to have a reasonable profit margin for both the farmer and the industry in order to sustain the sugarcane crop and thus should try to keep it within the reach of the common consumer. 

It may be added that sugarcane crop has almost attained maturity and is ready for harvesting this month. Farmers in Peshawar and Mardan divisions have already started their process of making sugar but due to the indecisiveness of the provincial government regarding the fixation of the price, the commencement of the season has been delayed. 


Peshawar, November 6.