LAHORE - The Punjab Healthcare Commission (PHC) has sealed over 7,400 quackery outlets since mid-April this year. The PHC enforcement teams visited 27,306 treatment centres during this period.

The crackdown has been carried out in compliance with the Supreme Court orders of April 17. Also, the district administrations visited 3,225premises and sealed 1,543 outlets as per the PHC Act 2010.

Cumulatively, both the PHC and district authorities inspected 30,531 treatment centres and sealed over 8,950 quacks’ businesses.

Moreover, the commission received 4,089 de-sealing


While carrying out further proceedings on these requests, the PHC hearing committees imposed a fine of over Rs250 million on quacks.

During the last week, 99 quackery outlets were sealed, while the PHC teams visited 495 treatment centres. Out of these, 133 were found to have been converted into other businesses.

It is also pertinent to mention here that since July 2015 the Commission has sealed over 17,500 businesses of quacks.