ISLAMABAD - The Federal Government Employees Housing Foundation (FGEHF) has made it clear that it has no plan in hand for resolving the water supply issue in sector G-13 as provision of civic amenities is now the responsibility of the Metropolitan Corporation Islamabad (MCI).

The FGEHF’s point of view on the subject came forth at a meeting held at the Wafaqi Mohtasib secretariat held in the wake of delay in completion of the housing schemes by different agencies. Heads of different public entities relating to the housing projects attended the meeting. Giving a briefing on the housing scheme in sector G-13, DG FGEHF told in the meeting that the problem of water supply could not be resolved as was advised by the Wafaqi Mohtasib secretariat since there is no plan for resolving the water supply problem. He said that civic amenities are now to be provided by the MCI.

FGEHF is of the view that providing basic amenities to G-13 residents is the responsibility of CDA.  According to a spokesperson of the Foundation, CDA collects all kinds of taxes from the dwellers of the sector and is therefore responsible for ensuring water supply, maintaining street lights, as well as a proper garbage collection system.

The residents of sector G-13 have been complaining for not getting enough water to meet daily use, saying that instead, they have been left at the mercy of private tankers. Living in sector G-13 in Islamabad is similar to living in any remote area of Pakistan where civic facilities are practically non-existent. The sector lacks the basic facilities such as water supply. Water supply is very limited and almost at zero level.

Water supply infrastructure with a limited capacity is not feasible to fulfil the need of the entire sector. Similarly, sewerage water can be seen floating on the main boulevard. Road infrastructure is in a really bad condition, roads are broken and there is no process for maintenance and repair. There is only one park in the entire sector and that too with very limited facilities. The other allocated park areas have still not been developed and there is no visible process to develop these. There is not even a single filtration plant for clean water, according to the survey of the sector.

The DG further said that 80 percent allottees in the sector have shifted to their houses. The scheme was launched in the year 1993. He said the infrastructure, however, needs repair and maintenance for which PC-I stands approved. He told the meeting that the Foundation is in process of revising PC-I as there have been some changes and new developments.

On sector G-14, the DG said that the project is near completion except for small issues which will be resolved shortly. He said the work for the development of roads, sewerage, water supply and drainage was awarded to M/s NLC for Rs 1499m which is in progress. He said that so far 840 plots have been handed over to the allottees.

The Foundation is going to hand over possession of further 1000 plots in the near future, he added. Compensation for leftover BUP stands calculated and funds are being arranged for payment shortly and the layout plan has also been submitted in CDA for approval. The Wafaqi Mohtasib asked the DG FGEHF to have a meeting with the residents of sector G-13 and G-14 and CDA for necessary measures to resolve the issues. He observed that there had been no progress in the project since quite some time now.

The DG informed that the housing scheme in sector F-14, F-15 is at standstill and there has been no progress as the judgment was challenged in Islamabad High Court by the land owners.