As per evaluation in 2018, the number of inhabitants in the transgender community is 10,418 in which Punjab has 6,704 of the populace and FATA (Federal Administration Tribal Areas) have 27. Sindh has 2,527 KPK has 931 and Baluchistan has 109 enlisted transgenders. Social Welfare Departments of the entire nation are working to guarantee the privileges of the transgender.

Pakistan is stepping towards improvement, yet transgenders are one of the neglected sections of Pakistani society in which they are still battling for the affirmation of their character and their self as the subjects of this nation. Legislature of Pakistan is taking initiatives for the advancement and assurance of essential rights of the transgender community and claiming them as the national residents.

The issues confronting the Welfare associations and National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA) is the support and the watchman names in their identity cards. Transgender need to enlist themselves by the names of their GURU’s rather than their folks. Incomparable Courts gives them the favorable position to enroll themselves with their masters or with their folks. Masters of transgender are not willing to enroll their ‘Challaas’ (students) by their name as a result of some shrouded governmental issues of their own locale. Gurus are reluctant as what they will do in case they enlist their ‘Challaas’ by their names and either they abandon them or their challaas turn their backs towards them for another Guru. The associations are still attempting to handle the contention of their identities because of some societal legends about transgenders. SWD is persuading transgenders to enroll themselves as the national residents and is engaging their anchored rights. SWD did a door to door campaign to motivate them.

SWD are facing certain type of pressures from the Government to enroll transgenders as nationals. Secondly, the department has to trace them and is trying to convince them but most of the population of transgender district Gujarat is not interested in enrollment of their CNIC’s, their behavior is not cooperative but the SWD’s are still enabling them to think about their rights and their abilities that will assist them with supporting the economy of the nation and even better; free lives.


Gujrat, December 9.