Health determines almost every sector of behaving and performing. As a whole, healthiness decides the mental, physical, matter-based, peace-creating and terror eliminating rise with fall of a nation.There raises an urge to conserve the ravishing health from the dark affects of junk food which are extremely popular world-wide and Pakistan exclusively is one of them. Nevertheless, in various occasions health and diet specialists disagreed to consider junk food as a food by terming it as cheat food. The junk food contains a plenty of health problems from calories to salts and fats. On the other hands, accommodate a little wad of crucial dietary fibers, proteins, vitamins and minerals.

However, corruption and dishonesty being widely filled across Pakistan open ways for doomed opportunities to make money by contaminating and malfunctioning with the formerly baleful junk food.They boosted an increase ratio of obesity among heedless public depriving them of delight fullness and digging paths for laziness and unpleasant circumstances. A number of health-based authentic experiments and researches urge that high sugar and fat containing food’s consumption cutoff the ability to deal with stress,brings discomfort and depression even their few days regular consumption increase the mental meltdown and act to cease recalling,thinking and creating memories.

Hence, junk food is trickily preferred to be addictive in nature that is why its regular consumers semblance woefulness and depression while trying to avoid them.The absolute reason of its extreme marketing value is actually due to its addictive nature. Although, children are intensively amateur of junk food. Pakistani children because of their never-ending economic scarcity tend to buy junk food like candies, snacks, bakers and low-cost ice-creams, soft drinks and burgers.These are vigorously harmful with adversing affects for any humanistic creature mainly for newly developing immunizing children

Therefore, the respective government and local ministry should put on some restrictions and bans on usage and advertisement of junk foo or there should exist a proper maintenance on their compostions,ensurance of expiry date and selling and buying procedures for the alarming junk food.


Turbat, December 10.