TEL AVIV - The Israeli prime minister’s remarks come days after US President Donald Trump announced that American forces will be leave Syria within 100 days after declaring victory over Daesh*.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu reaffirmed Tel Aviv’s commitment to counter Iran in Syria despite the US withdrawal from the region, The Jerusalem Post reported.

“The decision to remove the 2,000 US troops from Syria will not change our consistent policy: We will continue to act against Iran’s attempt to establish military bases in Syria”, he said.

The prime minister’s words were echoed by Israeli Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked, who assured that the country will “do everything to prevent Iran from gaining foothold in Syria”. She warned that the pullout of Tel Aviv’s major ally could stir an increase in alleged weapons shipments from Iran to Hezbollah, coming through the Arab Republic. Israel has been conducting airstrikes on Syrian territory claiming to attack Iranian military objects and convoys with weaponry. Tel Aviv insists that Tehran is transferring armaments to Hezbollah, which the latter uses against Israel, through the Arab Republic.

Iran denies any military presence in Syria apart from military advisors, which were requested by Damascus. Both Iran and the Syrian government have slammed Israeli air raids on multiple occasions.

The US announced the withdrawal of its forces from Syria on 19 December. US President Donald Trump noted that since defeating Daesh* was the key goal of the US military in the Arab State, the troops must now return home in the wake of the terrorists allegedly being defeated.