Daughter of former prime minister Maryam Nawaz, who made her social media comeback on Sunday, was on a roll following her father’s conviction in the Al-Azizia reference.

Former prime minister Nawaz Sharif has been convicted by an accountability court in the Al Azizia reference and sentenced to seven years in jail. He has been acquitted in the Flagship reference.

Responding to this, Maryam posted a series of tweets on Monday. She remarked that that one person has been sentenced for the fourth time. “This is the last hiccup of blind revenge,” she said, adding that Nawaz has proven to be victorious by the grace of God.

Not a single penny worth corruption or kickbacks or commission was proven against Nawaz in the long accountability process of 2.5 years, in which three generations were investigated too, she said. “Nothing was stolen from the national treasury,” she said.

She said that the verdicts against Nawaz were related to the business dealings of his deceased father. “When they couldn’t find anything wrong, they sentenced him on assumptions. Today’s verdict is a stamp on Nawaz’s trust and honesty,” she added.

Maryam has been convicted in the Avenfield reference. She was released from jail on September 19 after the Islamabad High Court suspended her sentence.

“The verdict won’t last forever. What will be left behind is Nawaz’s truth,” she wrote. “Governance, strength and power don’t last forever. Times change and so do conditions.” Maryam remarked that a person fails to be oppressed when a person has seen a lot of oppression.

“If there was an ounce of truth in accusations against Nawaz, then they wouldn’t need to come up with the excuse of 10,000 dirhams,” she said, adding that they [political rivals] used the cover of family and personal businesses to mask their revenge plot. “This is Nawaz Sharif’s feat. All PML-N voters bow before Nawaz,” she added.

The PML-N leader criticised the PTI government too. “A government runs on its character and performance. It can’t be run by targeting political opponents. This shows the weakness of the government,” she said.

Government employees think about ways to target Nawaz before going to their offices, she accused. “A stronger Nawaz will return. Soon!” She once again questioned how many times will a single person could be targeted. “How many times will he be sentenced? You [the government] only have a few days left in power.”