KARACHI - Creation of new administrative provinces have become overdue and the government and position should play their role in meeting these lingering demands of the people of Pakistan, said Pasban Democratic Party President Altaf Shakoor here Sunday.

In a statement, he said that Leader of Opposition in National Assembly Shehbaz Sharif has already announced bringing a bill for making the South Punjab province. He said there are demands also to create new provinces of Bahawalpur, Hazara and Fata.

Altaf Shakoor said there are two megacities in Pakistan: Karachi and Lahore, but there is no provision for megacity governments in our constitution. He demanded that besides making new administrative provinces, constitutional cover should be given to the megacities so that proper megacity governments could be formed in both Karachi and Lahore.

He said the megacities all over the world are run through their own administrations, keeping in view their peculiar issues and problems. He said Karachi has been neglected for decades, despite the fact that this port city is also the revenue engine of whole Pakistan. He said by making constitutional amendment to pave way for recognising the megacities, these revenue generations centres could be run even in a better way.

The Pasban president said that the provincial and federal rulers always neglected Karachi. He said the public transport system in Karachi is left on the mercy of old smoke-emitting minibuses and Chingchi rickshaws which is just disgusting. He said even the half-century old surface rail-based commuting system, Karachi Circular Railway (KCR), was systematically damaged by different governments. He said even the sitting governments in Sindh and the Center are not willing to repair and run the KCR. He said if the government improves public transport system in Karachi it could easily double its revenue collection from the megacity.

He said the previous Shehbaz Sharif worked hard to give Lahore modern public transport systems, but the provincial rulers of Sindh sadly lacked such vision and leadership to serve their megacity, Karachi.

Altaf Shakoor appealed to the MNAs and Senators of Karachi and Lahore to table a constitutional amendment bill in Parliament at the earliest so that Karachi and Lahore could be given megacity status and modern megacity governments formed in them to run these revenue engines in a better way.