NEW YORK: While it may be socially unacceptable to leave your house bundled up in a sleeping bag come winter, this incredibly stylish coat will make you feel like you’re doing just that! This $120 best-selling jacket from Orolay features everything you could ever want in a piece of outerwear: a warm and dense down filling, multiple pockets, a lightweight design, and a modern look. No wonder it’s received more than 3,400 five-star reviews on Amazon. The insanely popular piece, which is now an Amazon bestseller, features a soft shearling lining and a variety of zippers that are both fashionable and functional.–EN

Unlike most puffer coats, which can look bulky or unflattering, this jacket’s sleek lines and zippers make it look more fashion-forward. Its inexpensive price tag makes it an attractive choice, too. (In fact, it’s a great alternative to the popular-but-pricey Canada Goose jackets.)

Shoppers can choose from five versatile colors—navy, beige, black, gray, or green—and even alter its shape. Simply unzip the sides when you want a looser look or extra room for more layers underneath.