ISLAMABAD - Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has proposed the establishment of telecom tribunal for speedy disposal of litigation related to the sector.

“Telecom Tribunal, proposed under section 7 of Pakistan Telecommunication (Reorganization) Act,1996, may be established by government for speedy disposal of conflicts in the best interest of sector.

Giving details, the Authority, in its latest report-2018 has said while making regulatory decisions, PTA ensures that due procedure is followed as prescribed in legal framework  available for passing a decision.

Starting from consultation with stakeholders to issuing of show-cause notices till right to appeal, PTA tries to be as considerate and cooperative as possible so that friction can be avoided.

However, the report said, a large number of PTA’s decisions, determinations, orders and even regulations are challenged by licensees in courts of law.

Despite the fact PTA pursues cases through its legal counsel and consultants, telecom cases still get delayed for justice due to heavy influx of other cases.

It said since nature of telecom cases are mostly time bound, due to rapid advancements in modern technology and associated business model relevance, therefore, most of times the delay in passing of decisions renders them ineffective.