The government of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) correctly thinks that it is about time to review its visa policy for foreigners for promoting the tourism industry of Pakistan. Foreigner travellers complain about the strict visa policy that Pakistan has adopted post 9/11. Though the exact steps the government is taking in regards to visa relaxation are yet to be known, the government’s consideration is a welcome step.

Like all other sectors of the country’s economy, tourism could not remain immune to the negative impacts of terrorism. Many states, till recently, advised their citizens to avoid travelling to Pakistan. However, with the successful military operations against militancy, normalcy has been achieved. Also, some foreigners wayfaring across Pakistan and making video blogs support the notion that the country is safe for tourism purposes. Portugal has already declared Pakistan safe for travelling. France, too, has softened its stance on travel to Pakistan along with Great Britain.

The government realises that investing in the sector can create a positive impact on the country’s economy. In numerous states, tourism turns as a device for improvement through the earnings of foreign exchange and the formation of indirect and direct service. Tourism subsidises 5% of the world’s GDP. It reports for 6% of the world’s trades in facilities being the fourth largest export region after chemicals, automotive and fuel products.

For tourism in many, emerging, unindustrialised and least developed states is the most possible and bearable economic expansion option, and in certain nations, the key cause of foreign exchange remunerations. The government’s visa-free policy for foreigner tourists will attract the tourists to the scenic beauty that Pakistan holds in its mountains, plains, and deserts. The relaxation of visa policy will, naturally, increase the inflow of foreigners in the country that can prove helpful in presenting the soft image of Pakistan to the world.