According to a recent survey in Pakistan only 4% say corruption is a problem but 50%+ feel inflation and jobs are more important. With these kinds of results, it is quite surprising to “see” so much attention being given to “the corrupt” and so little to economics and “business”.

The latter issue is dismissed by the ruling junta simply by saying that it is the result of the last corrupt cabal. The media wittingly or under duress can mislead whole nations so easily by misappropriating time resources. It was only yesterday that “socialism” was mankind’s hope for the future and now the media simply dismisses it as “populous policies and agenda” so right wing and racist etc. etc. Is it possible that the poor masses have finally understood the meaning of corruption, although they themselves cultivate and promote corruption? More important is it possible that our opinion makers and election promoters read the situation all wrong?.

It’s happening all over the world- a comedian wins the election in Europe, a cricketer wins in this country, a shoeshine boy wins in Brazil, then is accused of corruption, goes to jail only to be set free later. Guess there is nothing new under the sun except history you haven’t read. One thing is for sure the media is not a philosopher or a leader that can move us out of this mess. We just have to “live thru these interesting times”.