Whimsical violation of constitution has been defined as serious crime entailing death punishment to the adventurist. Since the creation of Pakistan constitution has been taken just a doll in the hands of an angry baby, to throw it or pick as and when liked. 1973 constitution of Pakistan is a unanimously devised document by all parties in the then parliament. It is a unanimously arrived at document having a validity all the times to come. It is the invaluable and holy gift to the country by the Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto and others - part and parcel of the then parliament - making it sure that whoever will embark upon the expedition to make it null and void or suspend it wholly or partially or hold in abeyance for some certain time period will be liable to punishment for not less than to be hanged till death. Zia-ul-Haq was the first to violate the 1973 constitution and dethroned Bhutto. First, he pledged and vowed that he would hold free and fair elections in 90 days and entrust the reins of the country to the forthcoming elected government but 90 days promise was let go to the oblivious past. The taste of ruling the country- taking the astute masses as a senseless mob - is such delicious as to make one forget all one,s promises and let these go to the ashes of forgone past.

General Zia prolonged his unconstitutional era by various pretexts and slogans. His central assertion was the promulgation of Islamic law in the country – Being an Islamic country and having the ideological basis on Islam, his slogan of Islam was best endeared, enchanted and respected by masses with zeal and fervour – people of Pakistan being mostly Muslims are of innocent amalgamation and get easily trapped by enamouring slogans. Zia continued chanting the slogan of Islam and befooled the innocent masses for long, not less than 11 years. People of Pakistan believed his promises, which never came to be true. He was so robust to make people foolish for more than a decade and make their hopes ignited by a trail of promises. Bhutto was once rescued from fleeing the country but being true to his passion and commitments to the nation; he abhorred Zia’s assertion. And after a short span of being released, he was again arrested. The toadies of Zia made him realize that if Bhutto transpired to power again, he would surely hang Zia in the crime of breaking the constitution of Pakistan. Being afraid of death punishment he conspired to abrade Bhutto as well as his family from the annals of Pakistan. Bhutto was entangled in a concocted murder case and surprisingly was hanged to death under section 109 of PPC. It is noteworthy that none before or after Bhutto has been awarded such a stringent punishment under this section of the law. Section 109 only befitted in the case of Bhutto and afterwards was returned to the previous efficacy of jurisprudence. Later generations are and will remain wondered at the miracle and efficacy of section 109 of PPC that it was applicable only in Bhutto’s case, the history of Pakistan is full of unbelievable miracles. Due to miraculous engineering Bhutto’s sentence has later on - rightly and judiciously been termed as “Judicial Murder”.

There is no denial of the fact that Bhutto was a revolutionary leader; his wisdom and unique vision brought so many changes in Pakistan. He was vehemently and passionately devoted and dedicated towards the uplift of the national economy and the poor and distressed segment of society. There is not even an iota of doubt that Bhutto was a charismatic, stalwart, sincere leader, who had unprecedented visionary policies to lead the country to the path of progress and prosperity. He expanded the canvas of governmental structure, making it more extensive to envelope every sphere of life within its clasps. Some certain departments were created, and existing were expanded and unfolded to the maximum, embracing all aspects of the then texture of society. Now the folds of departments are restrained at same clasp, and the living arenas have expanded and remain unquenched to the growing necessities of life. If Z A Bhutto had not been hanged and the course of democracy not diverted towards whimsical flow, the fortune of the country would have been at the highest peak of prosperity and affluence. And Pakistan would have emerged on the canvas of the world as an economic giant, not saddled with the cumbersome load of loans but an economy to the tune of granting and contributing heavily to the advancement of poorer mankind.

Bhutto was a stone in the eyes of world powers and some powerful inner layers of governmental structure. Hence he was removed ruthlessly from the canvas of politics as well as the mundane world. But he is still alive in the memories of a sizeable segment of society as well as world history and will remain alive till indefinite period. If Zia had not been a victim of a manipulated air crash, he would have been tried under the same charge of constitutional breakage and faced with the same punishment as awarded to Musharaf. Musharaf and his lovers got stunned at the court verdict of death sentence and started chanting slogans of his valour and bravery during his long service to the nation. People still harbour the spectacle of his hurling fists to them. His lovers still continue to hurl fists to the nation, which they failed to show to those who continue perpetrating cruelties, barbarities on innocent, helpless, Kashmiris. The sentence awarded to Musharaf is a matter falling within the exclusive ambit and domain of law courts, and lawful. It is not befitting to resort to showing fists to express strength and valour to the law. Law courts are well aware of the constitutional and lawful matters, which they are to see lawfully. Hence being the aggrieved party - Musharaf – have the chance to take a lawful course of moving the appropriate forum. Every institution and masses are bound to follow the law and constitution strictly. Similarly, the law verdicts are equally binding upon every segment of society bound to obey the court decisions. Hurling fists connote the unlawful exhibition of power, which may again lead the country to the scenario of dark clouds of horror and dismay thrusting the country and nation to the state of utter helplessness.