LAHORE              -          Substantial increase in remittances reflects the confidence of expatriates over economic policies of Prime Minister Imran Khan. Pakistan is recovering from the failed policies of past and walking towards the path of better and strong economy. Vice Chairperson Overseas Pakistanis Commission Ch Waseem Akhtar expressed these views while talking to a foreign delegation in his office. “PTI-led government inherited the economic problems from the previous governments but the present government under the leadership of Prime Minister Pakistan Imran Khan was devoted and committed to overcome the loss of the past. Their commitment and devotion has helped overcome the economic turmoil in the country. World has finally recognized the efforts of Prime Minister Pakistan Imran Khan and his economic team as the Moody’s Investors Service has upgraded Pakistan’s credit rating outlook to stable. The pivotal role played by the Overseas Pakistanis in boosting the economy of Pakistan cannot be denied. There has been a substantial increase of 9% in the remittance in last month. Federal as well as Punjab government is striving and taking steps to give relief to Pakistani expatriates,” vice chairperson said. The remarkable performance of Overseas Pakistanis Commission Punjab is an example and proof of government’s commitment. Commission has resolved over 4000 complaints during past 11 months retrieving the hefty amount of 5 billion, he said.