Rawalpindi-Police are reluctant to arrest two nephews and a grandson of provincial law minister despite court declared the troika as absconders in monetary fraud cases registered with different police stations by the victims, informed sources on Monday.

The accused-cum-absconders have been identified as ex-Nazim Union Council (UC) Dhamial Raja Shahid Iqbal, his brother Raja Shujah and son Raja Shahnawaz alias Shani, they said.

The accused are nephews and grandson of Punjab Law Minister Muhammad Basharat Raja, who is allegedly misusing his power to press the police to not arrest the accused, sources informed.

As many as four cases were registered against the three accused with police stations Civil Lines and RA Bazaar under sections 489-F/420/468/471 and 406 on complaints of a British national of Pakistani origin Syed Haider Abbas and Navid Nafees, a resident of Bahria Town, sources said.

They said the British national Syed Haider Abbas had also lodged a complaint (number 8900) with Chairman Overseas Complaint Cell Rawalpindi seeking recovery of his hard-earned money swindled by the accused.

According to sources, Syed Haider Abbas appeared before Chairman OSCCR Basit Shakeel and lodged a complaint stating he travelled to Pakistan in 2006 where he met with Raja Shahid Iqbal.

He said he was advised by Raja Shahid to invest his money in his private housing society (SIR Developers) to earn more profit.

He told the commission that he had paid Rs10.5 million to Raja Shahid Iqbal in presence of his brother Raja Shohaib Iqbal (who has died now), Secretary Asad Butt and another witness Syed Nazir Bukhari as an investment in property business (SIR Developers) and flown to UK.

He told that Raja had promised to pay him the profit against the invested amount but later on he refused to do so. He added Raja Shahid Iqbal again inked an affidavit with him ensuring him of paying Rs20 million including profit in 2011 but he again deceived him.

He said he was not paid the profit of investment that surged upto Rs60 million till 2017.

“I had submitted a complaint with Overseas Complaint Cell via DHL from UK after which my partner Shahid contacted me to resolve the issue,” he said. He told the chairman that Raja Shahid Iqbal had handed him over three bank cheques (nos:535910564/53591055/53591056) of Habib Bank Limited, Kamalabad Branch worth Rs10.90 million through his brother Raja Shujah Iqbal. However, the bank manager had refused to cash the cheques due to insufficient balance in the account of account holder.

“I got registered three separate cases against the accused with PS RA Bazaar,” Syed Haider Abbas added.

He said a court of law had declared Raja Shahid Iqbal and Raja Shujah Iqbal as absconders for not attending hearings of court despite several summons issued to them.

He told Raja Shahnawaz son of Raja Shahid Iqbal had also swindled more than Rs10 million from a citizen by selling him bogus files of plots in a private housing society. A case was filed against him whereas a court also declared him proclaimed offender, he said.

He informed Chairman that police are reluctant to arrest the accused due to their relation with Punjab law minister. He appealed the chairman to provide him with justice. Sources said Chairman held a meeting with DC Rawalpindi and other bosses of police and ordered the arrest of accused immediately. They said CPO Rawalpindi issued directions for nabbing the accused. Nonetheless, RA Bazaar police had not obeyed the orders of CPO letting the accused scooting free, sources said.

During a background interview, conducted by The Nation, Malik Nadim, the counsel for Raja Shahid, claimed that his clients had paid Syed Haider the actual amount but now he has been blackmailing Rajas for taking interest by lodging bogus cases with police.

He informed that courts granted his clients bails in the cases.

Similarly, Superintendent of Police (SP) Potohar Division Syed Ali, however, when contacted, rebuffed the impression that police are being pressurised by any politician to not arrest the accused. He added the accused were proclaimed offenders/absconders and police would arrest them by carrying raids come what may.

“All are equal in the eyes of law and we will not tolerate any kind of political pressure in these cases,” SP Syed Ali vowed.