This is apropos the report (Nov 10) about the tomato price which has shot up to a record Rs320 per kg in Islamabad. Price control by officials will not help much as the rule of supply and demand will prevail.

Consumers should offer resistance and not buy tomatoes until the price comes down to a reasonable level. A few months ago, tomatoes were available for Rs50 per kg. Farmers cannot afford to transport their perishable produce to the market in refrigerated trucks. Therefore, they sell it to middlemen, who hoard to manipulate prices.

The farmers should join hands to form a co-operative. Eliminating the middleman will ensure that farmers get a better return and vegetables will be available to consumers at stable and reasonable prices. This is the norm in the developed world where prices of staples do not fluctuate too much.

The authorities should investigate the reason behind this unprecedented rise in tomato price and should take immediate action to decrease vegetable prices.