LAHORE-Qawwali maestro Rahat Fateh Ali Khan performed live at Packages mall. Members of the audience were cheering throughout the evening while Rahat sang some of his most popular Bollywood songs and qawwalis one after another.

While sitting on our comfortable seats it was an experience to have the internationally recognized Rahat Sahab perform LIVE in front of us.

There were large crowds gathered and we witnessed Lahore swooning to the beat of the tabla and Rahat’s vocals.

The lights, the sounds the setting, everything was perfect as we eagerly anticipated our favorite qawwal to make his appearance.

Once he was on the stage, the crowd already applauding the famous artistes entrance, you could hear cheers all across the board and we were beyond excited.

He performed our favorite tracks ‘Mast Qalandar’, ‘O Re Piya’ and ‘Dillagi’.

The audience sang along in great fervor while being completely enthralled with the music.

The weather was so epic, it just added on to the entire mood of the evening.

For all those who couldn’t make it to Ustad Rahat’s concert, Packages Mall is also hosting another concert on 27th December with Ali Sethi. If you haven’t bought the tickets yet, you better get it fast because they might be sold out very soon.

It was great witnessing a concert of this magnitude hosted at and by the mall for the very first time in Pakistan.