ISLAMABAD- Federal Minister for Education Mir Hazar Khan Bajarani is seeking special sanction of Prime Minister Syed Yousaf Raza Gillani to bring all higher bodies working for the uplift of education under the Ministry of Education. The Education Ministry, most neglected sector of the country, has been suffering from the paucity of funds along with some legal and administrative constraints. In an exclusive talk with TheNation here on Monday, Federal Minister for Education Mir Hazar Khan Bajarani said that in the presence of several separate education bodies, the Ministry was facing some serious legal constraints to implement its policies effectively. It is worth mentioning here that under the existing arrangement, six ministries deal with the education matters, including the Education Ministry, the Higher Education Commission, the Labour and Manpower Ministry, the Special Education Ministry, the Science and Technology Ministry and the National Technical and Vocational Education Commission. While Ministry for Human Resource Development status is yet to be defined. He said that he was trying to convince the prime minister for the unification and deep linkages of all the education bodies. He said that he gave suggestions to high authority in this regard, as these were sometimes working at cross-purposes. The minister said that he was not against the existence of these bodies and he was not intended to intervene in their day-to-day functions. To a query, he said that being a responsible person for the uplift in the Education Sector in the country he did strongly present recommendations to the Cabinet and PM for more autonomy of his ministry. He said that it was only a suggestion that third division holders should be considered fail. To another question, he replied that student unions would be restored soon. He further said that the 'new education policy draft' has recommended the Urdu as medium of construction, but as international language English being adopted as second language in the present set up. Bajarni said that education was the top priority of present government's agenda. To a query, he replied that he was optimistic that education budget would be increased gradually up to 4 per cent of GDP. "However, I am not sure when the desired goal would be achieved, as there are still some serious legal and financial constraints existed in the system," the minister remarked.