Cricket legend, Imran Khan, has claimed that terrorism has robbed the country of its favourite sport cricket. Various matches have recently been cancelled. Imran Khan made his name not only in cricket but also in the national politics. I agree with him that healthy sports activities cannot grow in an atmosphere laden with the menace of terrorism and extremism. Imran Khan possesses leadership qualities be it cricket or politics. His analysis regarding cricket is spot-on. Of course, cricket has suffered but other sports like hockey have suffered too. The main cause of decline in our sports is mixing of politics with it. Funds allocated for cricket and hockey are gobbled up by members of their management boards. They travel the world over to enjoy life while the players are ignored. Presidency has recently taken over the affairs of cricket. It should also take over the affairs of hockey and football. -MAJ (Retd) SURKHAB PASHA, Chakwal, via e-mail, February 9.