LAHORE - Former federal minister for information Senator Muhammad Ali Durrani has called upon judiciary to use doctrine of necessity in Sharifs disqualification case to save democratic system in the country. Addressing a press conference here at the Lahore Press Club on Monday, the PML-Q leader submitted proposals for diffusing tension between the two major parties, which according to him was a serious threat for political set up. "The country is facing serious internal and external challenges. The prevailing situation demands use of doctrine of necessity to benefit politicians. Judiciary utilised doctrine of necessity to provide legal cover to martial laws in the past. The same should be used in Sharifs disqualification case. The judiciary should avoid indulging in legal formalities and should dispose of Sharifs disqualification case in the larger interests of democracy", Muhammad Ali Durrani said, adding the judiciary should allow the Parliament and voters to decide the fate of Sharifs. He said the use of doctrine of necessity in the present scenario would be a positive step that would not only save political set up but would also improve the image of judiciary. He stressed upon the need of devising a strategy to give a safe passage to Sharifs and stop the PML-N from becoming a part of long march and sit-in. Muhammad Ali Durrani said that joint session of the Parliament should be convened after completion of Senate election process on March 12 to reach a consensus on the 17th amendment and issue of judiciary. He said the nation had given mandate to major parties and it should be respected. He said the present chaos was damaging for political parties and it would benefit undemocratic forces. "Both the parties should avoid clash. The PPP should announce that no step would be taken to destabilise the PML-N government in Punjab. Top leadership of both the PPP and the PML-N should stop their colleagues from issuing harsh statements", he said, adding the leadership of both the parties should avoid confrontation and resolve issues through dialogue. A staunch supporter of PML unification, Muhammad Ali Durrani urged the leadership of both the PML-N and the PML-Q to burry differences and enter into an alliance as wished by the party workers and the nation. "The PML-N and the PML-Q alliance will benefit democracy. The alliance will strengthen the Punjab government and opposition in the Centre. Both the PPP government in Islamabad and the PML-N government in Punjab will be safe after the alliance. Alliance of two major factions of the Muslim League will put an end to horse trading", he stated. He welcomed meeting between Ch Shujat Hussain and Mian Shahbaz Sharif.