One of the most conspicuous features of good governance is merit-based recruitment. Under the PPP led government in Sindh, merit has been a casualty. Not having merit, I believe, is height of injustice to those who get education with their hard-earned money, bear eligibility to fill the vacant posts but are ousted through various shady tactics like renouncement of the posts of Mukhtiyarkar for the fourth time since 2004, delay in PCS exams, denial of the posts to the qualified lecturers etc, etc. Such maltreatment creates disillusionment among young strata and detracts them from education. It is my humble request to President of Pakistan Mr. Asif Ali Zardari and all the other concerned that merit should be established in Sindh or the PPP-led government would lose all credibility. -SAJID ALI SOOMRO, Shahdadkot, via e-mail, February 6.