LAHORE - The National Polo Championship for the Quaid-e-Azam Gold Cup would roll off from Tuesday (today) here at the Lahore Polo Club's Aibak Ground. Top national players along with some of the Argentinean and English riders would be seen in action for the next two weeks at one of the world's oldest polo field established in late 80s. Bank Alfalah has once again come forward for the third straight year with its sponsorship of the national event under a new banner of Royal Banking. "Keeping in mind the new concept of Royal Banking, we have come forward taking it as a national duty to support this game of kings," said Hamid Mirza, head of marketing Bank Alfalah. "We have been attached with a number of sports in the country and like the previous years Bank Alfalah has also fielded its team to compete in the championship, which is being participated by seven quartets with having at least one foreign player and out of the seven, four teams have two foreign players each. While Ghazipur did not have any foreign player and is completed by Alam brother - Shah Shamyl and Shah Qublai, one of the few players who have 4-goal handicap. Representing the Lahore Polo Club, Malik Asif Ali Tiwana thanked Bank Alfalah for their long time affiliation with polo and hoped it would go a long way. The tournament will be played on round robin system with every match minimum of five chukkers and daily three games will be decided. International polo FIP and Pakistan federation PPA rules will be followed. On the opening day, Team A will clash with Tip Moor Al Khan and Rangers, Ghazipur meet HSBC Bank and Karachi play with Bank Alfalah Royal Banking. Line-ups: Team 'A': Mir Shoaib Ahmad (1), Javier Alejandro Marcos (3), Jaun Garcia Grossi (8), Taimur Mawaz Khan (2). Tip Moor Al Khan & Rangers: Dr. Iftikhar Ali Khan Simba (2), Lindor Nevillo Corvallan (4), Tomas Pieres (7), Maj. Usman (1). Reserve: Raja Samiullah (4). Ghazipur: Capt. Shaukat Ali Malik (2), Atif Tiwana (3), Shah Shamyl Alam (4), Shah Qubilai Alam (4). HSBC Bank: Sufi Muhammad Aamir (1), Hissam Ali Hyder (5), Jose Rivas (7), Sufi Muhammad Haris (1). Karachi Polo Team: Shahid Hayat (1), Taimur Ali Malik (2), James Harper (7), John Fisher (4). Reserve: Kashif.Jamal (1). Bank Alfalah Royal Banking: Usman Haye (2), Saqib Khan Khakwani (3), Alejandro Astrada (7), Col. Nadeem Raja (2). Wateen: Faaiz Rahim Khan (1). Favio Lavinia (4). Gaston Moore (7). Naveed M Sheikh (2).