ISLAMABAD (Online) - The number of registered vehicles in the Federal Capital has crossed the figure of 0.3 million as the vehicles of embassies were not included in this figure. According to statistics, overall 19,082 new vehicles have been registered till January 2009 while the ownership rights of 13,805 vehicles have been transferred and the number of 1,074 vehicles has been changed. In July 2008, 2,792 new vehicles were registered while the ownership rights of 1,754 vehicles were transferred and the numbers of 147 vehicles were changed. In August, 2,830 vehicles were registered, ownership rights of 1,852 vehicles transferred and number of 165 vehicles were changed while 4,166 vehicles were registered in September, ownership rights of 1,914 vehicles were transferred and numbers of 125 vehicles were changed. In October, 2,659 vehicles were registered, 1,890 were transferred and numbers of 136 vehicles were changed while in November 2,592 vehicles were registered, 2,071 transferred and 171 were changed to other numbers. 1,475 new vehicles were registered in December, 1,641 were transferred, 152 were changed.