Energy production of any country is the measure of its economy. No country can achieve high economic growth without producing sufficient energy for itself. Production of energy reflects on the industrial output, agriculture output, transportation etc. The loadshedding of electricity in Pakistan is alarming. Due to excessive loadshedding, the economy has tanked out and every individual is affected. Many people are being pushed into unemployment. Energy crisis happens due too several reasons, some of which are: misallocation of resources, incompetence of the exploration sector, increase in oil prices in the international market, power wastage and lack of power-producing assets like dams etc. At this critical stage, we must take immediate steps to counter all of these problems. The government should examine existing resources for their upgradation. There must be strict punishment for electricity pilferage. Prodigious expenditure of electricity on advertising boards deserves instant attention. Search of new oil reserves and adequate deployment of unconventional energy resources should also be tried. Public should also help government by consuming energy with greater thrift. -SAMAN ATHAR, Karachi, via e-mail, February 6.