KABUL (AFP/Reuters) - A bomb strapped to a bicycle exploded near a busy bus terminal in Afghanistan, killing eight people Tuesday as the death toll of US troops in the Afghan war hit the grim milestone of 1,000. The attack took place in Lashkar Gah, capital of Hel-mand province where a massive US-led military offensive against the Taliban entered a tenth day and US defence chiefs said progress was slower than expected. The blast was caused by explosives attached to a bicycle and was controlled remotely, said Dawud Ahmadi, spokesman for Helmands provincial government. Karzai condemned three separate bombings in the past 24 hours, including a suicide attack which killed 16 people in eastern Nangahar province. Ghulam Ghamsharik, a former commander in the war against Soviet occupation tro-ops, and a provincial refugee ministry official were among those killed. Sixteen people were also injured in the blast, the Interior Ministry said. The Helmand assault by 15,000 US troops, dubbed Operation Mushtarak - meaning together in the Dari Persian dialect spoken in Afghanistan - aims to push the Taliban out of the Marjah and Nad Ali areas under their control. Commanders have said it could take another month to bring the areas under total control, though civilian police have already been deployed. Afghan and combined forces continue to encounter small but determined pockets of resistance, often from bunkers or other fortified positions, Nato said in an operational update. IEDs, improvised explosive devices, posed the main challenge, it said, adding a new patrol base is operational and a new police base is being built in southeast Marjah, referring to the main Marjah bazaar. A website which tracks casualties, www.icasualties.org, said 54 US troops have been killed in Afghanistan this year, raising the total to 1,000 since the Talibans fall. This compares with eight this year in Iraq, where 4,378 have been killed since 2003. The tally appeared to miss at least one US fatality, and two Isaf deaths announced on Monday, bringing the total number of foreign soldiers to die in the war since 2001 to 1,661 according to an AFP count. So far this year 58 foreign soldiers have died in the war, with ISAF spokesman Sergeant Jeff Loftin confirming the Mushtarak toll at 13. Romanian defence Ministry officials said one of their soldiers was killed and another wounded Tuesday after their vehicle hit a mine on the highway linking Kandahar to Kabul. Karzai condemned the attack, the bombing in Lashkar Gah and another Monday that killed 14 people, including a tribal elder who had led militias during the 2001 US-led invasion. Meanwhile, Afghan President Hamid Karzai has signed into law changes that remove foreign observers from the electoral watchdog tasked with reviewing voting fraud, his office said on Tuesday. The move could put Karzai in conflict with Western donors who have said they will not fund Sept. 18 parliamentary elections without electoral reforms, following a 2009 presidential election beset by massive fraud. The five-member Electoral Complaints Commission previously had three members appointed by the United Nations, and last year nullified a third of Karzais votes as fraudulent. The Afghan government for long has wanted to 'Afghanise the electoral process and 10 days ago, the cabinet ratified the amendment and the President endorsed it, Karzai spokesman Siamak Herawi said. He said parliament could not overturn the law, since Karzai had signed it into effect when the legislature was in recess.