Everyday I travel from Fortress Stadium to my work place located near the Town Hall, almost the full stretch of the Mall Road. My office closes around 3 in the afternoon. Out of my five working days at least three are marked by a diversion off a closed Mall Road due to one protest procession or the other. The closure of the Mall means I have to take a detour either from the GPO or Regal Chowk or the Charing Cross, often having to travel the more congested routes like McLeod Road, Montgomery Road, Edgerton Road, Empress Road, Davis Road so on and so forth. A journey which takes no more than 45 minutes even in heavy traffic, takes way more than an hour, the tension, headache and wastage of fuel in addition. While the Lahorites suffer, our government high officials enjoy 'no-holdup-anywhere drives in cavalcades on the Lahore roads. On Monday, February 22, the business community of the Mall took out a procession. This was a procession against the processions as their business has been completely ruined by everyday processions. The main hubs of the problem are two, the Assembly Hall and the Governors House. Two places meant to solve peoples problems have become huge problems themselves. Both these places are a perpetual nuisance for public. The people ensconced inside are absolutely useless as far as the general public is concerned. I suggest that both Assembly Hall and the Governor House should be shifted to Raiwind Road and Kala Shah Kaku. Let the people have something to celebrate. -RAKHSHANDA QAZILBASH, Lahore, February 23.