ISLAMABAD At times, it is better to act ignorant even when one is informed on a particular issue. Minister for Information and Broadcasting, Qamar Zaman Kaira, Tuesday showed ignorance over alleged workplace harassment of a female worker in Pakistan Broadcasting Corporation (PBC). I havent heard about any such news from anywhere and please let me know if you have any knowledge about it, the Minister said, talking to this scribe, after a media briefing here on Wednesday. When his attention was drawn to the reported news items regarding the alleged workplace harassment of a female worker, the Minister responded that it was not in his notice and any consideration can only be made if he was in knowledge of it. It was rather shocking to discover that the Information Minister was ignorant about an issue of his own Ministrys division that has appeared in the press thrice. It may be mentioned here that the news items regarding the alleged workplace harassment of a female worker in PBC has appeared in this newspaper thrice with titles including 'Workplace harassment of women at PBC (On 17th February), 'PBC continues harassing female worker (On 18th February) and 'PBC transfers harassment victim(19th February). Reportedly, Anila Saleem senior producer in PBC had forwarded an application to Senator Haji Adil (a member of Standing Committee of Information and Broadcasting) regarding workplace harassment so that the matter could be taken up and solved in the Standing Committee. I cant tolerate character assassination at all, so I forwarded the application in a bid to stop workplace harassment, said Anila Saleem, adding that a number of times, she had complained to DG PBC against the environment of the office but no action was taken. It is pertinent to mention here that Senator Haji Adeel had confirmed to this scribe that he had received an application in this regard. Haji Adeel said that he had received other telephone calls from the same department appealing for proper action against the incident of workplace harassment. I was the victim of workplace harassment, but now they are torturing me mentally over the publics reaction against them, she added. It would also not be out of place to mention here that PBC top management has transferred Senior Producer PBC Anila Saleem from Lahore to Faisalabad while she was on medical leave. Earlier Anila Saleem had reportedly said that What else would be the harassment, when they are giving me shocks during medical leave.