DUBAI (Reuters/AFP) - The United Arab Emirates has identified four more suspects who carried fraudulent British and Irish passports in the Dubai killing of a Hamas commander, a source familiar with the investigation said on Tuesday. The UAE has identified two British suspects holding British travel documents and as part of the ongoing investigation has shared the information with the British government, the source in the UAE told Reuters. Two more suspects in the killing of Mabhouh in a hotel in January were identified as holding Irish passports, the source added. The Dubai authorities last week released the identities of 11 people who travelled on fraudulent British, Irish, French and German passports to kill Mabhouh, and said that two Palestinians suspected of providing logistical support were in custody. The new information brings the tally of British passports used to eight and Irish identities used to five. Six people previously identified by Dubai as members of the hit squad are Britons living in Israel. Officials have said at least 18 people may have been involved in the assassination. Meanwhile, Ireland and Britain are checking reports that four further passports issued to their nationals were used by Israeli suspects in the killing of the Hamas commander. The Irish Foreign Ministry said Tuesday it was examining media reports in Dubai that another two Irish passports were carried by the killers, taking the total number to seven. Britain also said it was investigating reports that another two British passports were used in addition to the six already known about. Meanwhile, Iran and the Gulf Cooperation Council joined on Tuesday the chorus denouncing the murder of the Hamas leader, both calling it an act of terror and Tehran squarely laying the blame on Israel. The Dubai assassination is an act of state terrorism on the part of Israel, Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Ramin Mehmanparast said. in a report by state-run Press TV. Israels existence is itself based on terrorist activities, Mehmanparast said. The Iranian spokesman also described the assassination of the Palestinian commander as an embarrassment for Europe. Meanwhile, GCC Secretary-General Abdel Rahim al-Attiya called for EU countries to cooperate with the UAEs investigation into the killing, to bring the perpetrators of this crime to justice and prevent the repeat of such a terrorist act. Attiya avoided accusing Israel of the killing, instead describing it as the work of an organised criminal group.