LAHORE - MQM is stated to have made third formal contact with the PML-N keeping in the context of next local bodies polls in Punjab, as well as to pursue the course of renewing mutual interaction. Insiders in MQM privy to the developments regarding opening of channels and renewal of contacts between MQM and PML-N told this scribe on Tuesday that MQM would take part in the next local polls in Punjab and that was the reason that party leader and federal minister Farooq Sattar met with Chief Minister Punjab, knowing that the meeting would help in renewal of contacts with the PML-N. MQM high command has directed the second-line leadership of the party to accelerate its activities in Punjab with special focus on the next local polls with a view to clearing the fog over the relations between the two political parties and getting some space in the next local elections in Punjab. Besides, presenting a copy of the draft prepared by the MQM about local government system to the Chief Minister Punjab, the MQM leader also desired the holding of All Parties Conference (APC) to deliberate over the internal and external threats, build consensus on the major issues facing the country and promotion of politics of reconciliation. It is to be mentioned here, PML-N Chief Nawaz Sharif has started the process of partys reorganization in Sindh few days back from Ghottaki, where the Mehrs of Ghottaki accorded him a warm welcome. PML-N would continue its campaign in other parts of the Sindh in the days to come. MQM, which is in the process of the transforming itself into a national political force needs the support of the PML-N in Punjab. Similarly, the PML-N requires the help of the MQM in the urban centres of Sindh. Both MQM and PML-N are realising their political choices keeping in view the new realities in the political arena of the country, as the MQM has become a political reality, informed the insiders quoting the dialogues held between the leaders of the two political forces. MQM leader and federal minister for Ports and Shipping, Babar Ghauri made second formal contact with PML-N leadership sometime back in the provincial metropolis for renewing the contacts with the former. However, the first formal contact between MQM and PML-N was made last year after a lapse of 10 years when Chief Minister Punjab Shahbaz Sharif met Governor Sindh Dr. Ishrat-ul-Ebad Khan at Governor House, Sindh. It may be mentioned here that the All Parties Conference held in London in 2006 with Mian Nawaz Sharif, in the chair it had been decided through a unanimous resolution that no political party would maintain any contact with MQM. In the context of this resolution, this contact between the two political parties last year was considered of great importance.