KARACHI Naseem Hameed which brought joys to the grim faces of Pakistan by winning the Dhaka South Asian Games 100 meters womens gold medal paid a special visit to Athletic Fitness School where she had learnt the art of running under the supervision of former international coach Muhammad Talib. She along with a host of supporters and her supervisors recently went to the AFS located at Hockey Club of Pakistan with a box of sweets and treated her long time coach Muhammad Talib and a number of youngsters training there. She met Muhammad Talib and spoke how as a twelve year old she trained under the watchful eyes of her coach Muhammad Talib and became an accomplished athlete which finally landed her the gold. She said she was amongst scores of young boys and girls who attended the AFS and was trained in various aspects of athletics. She told the small group of budding athletes how she trained on the dusty track of the school and how Muhammad Talib taught her the skill of modern athletics. She said school like the ASF and people like Muhammad Talib should be encouraged. The school, she said, had provided her all the basic facilities free of charge. On Monday night she was accorded a reception in North Nazimabad. A social organization had arranged the reception in honor of the gold medallists. A larger number of people attended the reception. Prominent among those attended the reception were Zulfiqar and Wasim who had arranged the reception and Muhammad Talib.