ISLAMABAD The Federal Ministry of Law and Justice, in its written reply to the National Accountability Bureau (NAB)s letter, stated on Tuesday that only the federal government had authority to write to the Swiss government for reopening of the Swiss cases against President Asif Ali Zardari. Sources in the Ministry of Law and Justice and the NAB informed TheNation that after getting the reply from the Federal Law Ministry, the senior officials in the NAB held a detailed meeting under the chairmanship of Chairman NAB, Navid Ahsan, to chalk out the future course of action and prepare the reply, which they are to file before the Supreme Court today. The sources in the Ministry of Law and Justice informed that the Swiss cases were initiated against President Asif Ali Zardari, his spouse, late Benazir Bhutto and some of their front men in Switzerland on the request of the Government of Pakistan and in this connection a formal request was made by the then attorney general of Pakistan. Later, the same were withdrawn by the Government, and in this connection the formal request was moved by the former attorney general, Malik Abdul Qayyum. The sources further said that the Government was not committing any contempt of court as the government had already filed a review petition against the judgement of the apex court in the NRO case and by the time of the next decision to be made by the court on it, the matter would be considered as sub-judice. On the other hand, it seemed that the NAB had come out of hibernation and was actively pursuing the matters as per the law and the Tuesdays meeting of the NABs high-ups under the head of its Chairman was proof of it. The sources in the department informed that the NAB meeting examined the Ministry of Law and Justices reply to their letter and had expressed satisfaction over the current state of the affairs as the Chairman NAB would be filing a reply to Supreme Court of Pakistan on Wednesday (today) about the fate of the Swiss cases. The sources in the NAB informed that the meeting also reviewed the working of the department and expressed satisfaction over the pace of work on the cases, which were reopened after the striking down of the NRO by the apex court. The meeting, once again, expressed its resolve that the department would extend whatever assistance it could offer to the Government in pursuance of the Swiss cases after their reopening in Switzerland. The meeting also reviewed the issue of Prosecutor General NAB, Dr. Danishwar Malik whose summary of termination from the service was already moved to the Prime Minister of Pakistan for further action. The sources in the NAB informed that as Dr. Danishwar Malik was not ready to resign from his job and now a formal reference against his removal from service would require to be moved to the Supreme Judicial Council as required under the law. The sources said that Chairman NAB, Navid Ahsan would be dispatching another letter to the Prime Minister Secretariat in this regard requesting for initiation of legal process to remove the Prosecutor General NAB from his post as he had refused to step down. Under the law a reference has should be moved to the Supreme Judicial Council for removal of the Chairman and Prosecutor General NAB in case they refused to step down.