ISLAMABAD The Ministry of Law and Justice will file a review petition with additional grounds tomorrow (Thursday) in support of an already filed review petition against the Supreme Courts December 16 decision on the National Reconciliation Ordinance (NRO), challenging the verdict from various aspects, reliable sources told TheNation. Earlier, the SC Registrar Office on Tuesday returned the petition with technical objections on it. Advocate on the Record (AoR), Raja Abdul Ghafoor sent the objections to the Ministry of Law and Justice here on Tuesday. Earlier, the Federation filed a review petition on 16th January against the short order of the apex court in the NRO case, arguing that the court failed to consider the doctrine of past and closed transactions while giving the verdict on December 16, 2009. It is pertinent to mention that the Federation had not defended the NRO in the apex court saying that it was promulgated by the former chief of army staff, Pervez Musharraf to prolong his rule. After the courts decision, the Federation had expressed its reservations over the verdict, saying that the apex court had gone beyond what was requested by the petitioners. Raja Abdul Ghafoor, Advocate on the Record, while talking to this reporter, said that the Law Ministry would remove the technical objections pointed out by the Supreme Court and file the review petition with additional grounds and club it with the already filed petition. The legal minds of the Law Ministry including Attorney General of Pakistan, Anwar Mansoor Khan prepared a petition on solid grounds to meet the objections raised by the court and would file it tomorrow (Thursday), the Ministry sources told this scribe. The additional grounds would address various points of the verdict including the court gave this verdict beyond the points mentioned in the petitions and did not hear the Governments point of view on the Swiss cases, the sources added. It is also worth mentioning here that in light of apex courts verdict, over 8,000 criminal and corruption cases against bureaucrats and politicians were reopened. In this context the court directed the Federation that the cases against President Asif Ali Zardari pending before the courts in Switzerland should be reopened through a letter to the Swiss authorities.