ISLAMABAD Minister for Water and Power Raja Pervez Ashraf said on Tuesday that rental power generation was the only shortcut to overcome existing power crisis, as the country had faced a gap of up to 4,500 megawatts in demand and supply of electricity. Winding up discussion on rental power plants in the National Assembly, the Minister said that Government took every measure to ensure power generation through these power plants on reasonable tariff. He said that Government on the directive of the Prime Minister also decided a third party audit of the rental power projects that showed transparency in the process. He said that there was a shortage of up to 4,500 megawatts electricity and the Asian Development Bank (ADB) accepted the point of view regarding setting up of rental power plants. He said the Government was ready to present the ADB report before the House and would welcome the suggestions of the members of the Parliament to ensure further transparency in the rental power policy. He was of the saying that some of the MPs had been saying that Government was not getting full efficiency from the installed plants. He added these plants were now too old to meet their production efficiency. He said that eight rental power plants were being installed and they would cause an increase of six percent in the electricity tariff. Earlier, members taking part in the discussion regarding installation of rental power plants criticised the Government and said the Government had provided fake information in the House regarding these power plants. They said the Government was contradicting its own information regarding these power plants that would damage its credibility. They said according to the information provided by the Government to the House, power generation gap could be filled easily through improving generation capacity of the existing thermal power stations. Those who took part in the debate included Anusha Rehman Khan, Tahira Aurangzeb and Muhammad Riaz Malik. The National Assembly also resumed debate on construction of Baghliar and Kishan Ganga Dams and Wuller Barrage by India in violation of Indus Basin Water Treaty. Taking part in the debate, the members urged the Government to take up water issue with India on international level. They said India was violating Indus Basis Water Treaty and working on a plan to construct dams to utilise Pakistani water share that must be stopped. They condemned India for construction of Baghliar Dam and its plans for construction of Kishan Ganga Dam and Wuller Barrage. The members said that Pakistan was facing acute shortage of water and according to the United Nations report, per capita water availability had come down from 5,500 cubic metres in 1950 to 1,000 cubic metres at present. They said that Pakistan was rapidly being converted into a country hit by water scarcity and the Government should take the notice of the situation and make efforts to compel India for implementing Indus Basin Water Treaty. Those who took part in the debate included Pervez Khan Advocate, Khalida Mansoor and Fakharun Nisa Khokhar. Later Responding to call attention notice, Minister of State for Economic Affairs Hina Rabbani Khar said that Government was working on a strategy to control price hike especially of essential commodities. She said that due to the efforts made by the Government, inflation rate, which was 23 to 30 percent in 2008, had come down but the Government was targeting to bring it down to single digit. She said that despite decline in inflation rate, prices of essential commodities could not be reduced as inflationary process remained persist and it again rose during the last three months. However, she said, the Government has been successful to put a dent on inflation and hopefully prices will dip. To a question, she said the Pay and Pension Committee was working to devise a formula for enhancing salaries and pensions of government employees so that they could meet their daily requirements easily. She said the committee would submit its recommendations next month. Answering a question regarding increase in sugar prices, she said that a gap between demand and supply prevailed due to less production of sugarcane. She said that it was common trend in the international market that sugar prices had been raised by 110 percent, however the raise in price in Pakistan was about 70 percent. She, however, said that situation was not satisfactory and the Government was making efforts to stabilise sugar prices through its import. Khar to a question said that exports had registered upward trend besides an increase in foreign remittances that would help improve balance of payments that would ultimately result in improving economic situation and controlling inflation. Birjees Tahir and others moved the calling attention notice. Responding to another calling attention regarding flourishing of quackery in the country, Minister for Health Makhdoom Shahabuddin said that the Government was promoting ayurvedic way of treatment in the government hospitals to ensure better treatment facilities to the people, however it was taking steps to control quackery. He said that there were 74 qualified doctors on a population of one hundred thousand people and they could not properly treat the patients. Therefore he said that the Government was promoting the ayurvedic way of treatment that had proved to be successful in the past. The Minister to a question said the Government was working on introducing auto-destroyable syringes to control communicable diseases. He said the Government wanted to bring uniformity in the methodology of these syringes so that people could use them easily. Shakeela Khanum and others moved the call attention notice. The National Assembly also referred three bills to the standing committees concerned of the House for further discussion. The Code of Criminal Procedure (Amendment) Bill proposes amendment in the Section of 22-A of the Code aimed at providing relief to the people from police harassment. MNA Naseer Bhutta moved the bill. Mrs Fakhrun Nisa Khokhar moved the Code of Civil Procedure (Amendment) Bill in the House seeking amendment in Section 2 of the Code. This bill is aimed at setting up of heritance courts to settle the issues of heritance with fast pace. Miss Bushra Gohar and other members moved the Prevention and Control of Women Trafficking Bill. The bill is aimed at protecting women and children from bonded and forced labour.