When I was young a good fifty years ago, I never saw a grown man fly a kite or run after oneit was always a child who did it. Too bad some of our children never grew up. Today one sees grown men celebrating Basant to fill the emptiness of their lives and then justifying it as an international festival and good for business. They have no concept of what would happen if all 180 million people decided to celebrate this festival simultaneously. I believe it would be called a 'civil war. If you really want an international festival, lets sacrifice our children at the altar to appease the 'Kite-gods, since there are certainly quite a few of them aroundsome in government, some in our aristocracy and some in journalism. And they all refuse to grow up. Whatever might their motives be, they have spawned some pretty nasty movements, one such being the 'Lahore Bachao Tehreek. Given the simple fact that Lahore Canal Road is the only north-south thorough way capable of being developed into a controlled expressway, this so-called Tehreek continues to use the issue of non- native eucalyptus trees as an excuse to filibuster and delay the development. This development is already 10 years overdue and had these people planted some trees along the edges of canal, they would be full grown trees by now. As I see it, we simply have to tell the 'juveniles of our aristocracy not to go delinquent in their ripe age. -S. AMIR, Lahore, February 23.