LAHORE A tumultuous situation, created by the accountants working with the Capital City Police Office, has pushed over 1,000 police officers to indulge in momentarily monetary corruption as they have yet not been paid their salaries for the month of January, TheNation has reliably learnt. The police officers ranking from constables to Sub-Inspectors are being kicked of by the accountants of the CCPO office whenever they visit and ask about the motive behind their delayed salaries. The clerical staff led by the chief accountant Mohammad Bilal using double meaning-words demand Rs 300 to Rs 500 from each police officer, a 50-year-old constable using pseudonym Kabeer Ali Shah told this scribe outside the accountant office. He further told that if he and his other colleagues refused to fulfil their demands the accountant says, Your work is under process and we will accomplish it in accordance with rules and regulations. The old constable said, I have six daughters and I am the only source of income for the entire family. Interestingly he, however, blamed that the senior police officers demand their share whenever they receive money (bribe) from anyone. Insiders claimed that after receiving several complaints of corruption in the Police Lines, CCPO Mohammad Aslam Tareen has ordered all the police officers of the district police to receive their salaries of December by hand from Qilla Gujjar Singh Police Lines. Earlier, they used to draw their salaries through bank accounts, but gross misappropriation being observed in the Police Lines has forced the CCPO to take this step, they said. During the month of January, over 1,500 ghost police officers were detected who have been drawing salaries from the last several years but in police records they were unfamiliar with the department, a senior police officer commented seeking anonymity. He said the CCPO had issued a special circular with directives for the officers to get their salaries by the end of 20th of January. After one month practice the salaries were again planned to send thorough bank accounts following the old tradition of moving official clearance of each police officer before transferring his salary in his account. But he further told that the accountants of the CCPO Office forwarded official clearance to AG Office of those officers who drew their salaries till 15th of January. The official clearance of more than 1000 police officers who got their salaries after 15th of January was lingered on by the accountants over unexplained reasons, another victim head constable from Saddar Division claimed. He further said this was a clear cut negligence of accountant Mohammad Bilal who was using delaying tactics. When contacted the Chief Accountant of CCPO Office Mohammad Bilal using nebulous words said he was unauthorized to comment on this issue. However when asked about his alleged involvement in corruption scam, the accountant said the CCPO Mohammad Aslam Tareen and SSP Admin Tariq Abbas Qureshi were fully aware of the situation. Tariq Abbas Qureshi said over 1000 ghost police officers have been identified. Deviating from the main topic, the SSP said they have saved over Rs 8 million of the provincial government. Replying to a query, he said he would dismiss Bilal if he received even single complain against him but when asked he himself had a comprehensive list of over 1000 police officers who have still been deprived of their salaries of the month of January the SSP remained mum and could not furnish any suitable reply. He, however, claimed a hidden hand was offering bribe amounted to Rs 4 million to the SSP and his team for compromise with them on the issue of ghost police officers. It may worth mentioning here, these accountants also used to give salary to more than 8000 police officers of the district police after 17th of each month in past after seeing the results of prize bonds which they purchased by the salaries of the victim police officers.