Finally the government has awaken from the deep slumber as Federal Minister for Interior Rehman Malik came up with a plan that in future any Pakistani artist or a person intending to go abroad on some private scholarship would have to secure no objection certificate (NOC) from the interior ministry and likewise the people coming in for any purpose would have to state their purpose of stay and other relevant details. Taking the floor on a point of order Malik gave serious and alarming view of the countrys security situation, which God forbid, if not tackled aptly right now could result into another Fall of Dakha like situation and promptly asked the countrys leadership sitting on both sides of aisle to join hands in formulating a unified strategy to steer the country out of prevailing crises. In the same breath he offered to give an in-camera briefing to the MPs on the gravity of the situation. In this backdrop the concern and the steps being taken by the government, particularly Interior Ministry, to have a detailed scanning of the people going out and coming in from outside is a welcome step but at the same time the matter of transparency should be kept in mind, as usually it was seen that the steps which actually meant for the overall betterment and facility of the people were exploited for personal and petty gains. It is hoped that Malik would also take care of misuse of this, as had this mechanism of checks and balances in place, the issue of Raymod Davis could not have been taken place. The scanning of the people coming in and leaving the country would provide the government with a very useful data which on one hand would plug the influx of spies in the guise of social workers and tourists, while on the other it would help government maintain the record of the Pakistanis travelling abroad and their activities. It is hoped that Opposition parties would also help the government in accomplishing this task and would not do politics for the sake of politics. Another important matter, which figured in the National Assembly session on the day was the 'bull in a china shop fashion address by a young MP from ruling Pakistan Peoples Party Nadeem Afzal Gondal, who has hit hard everyone and everything which came in his mind with scathing criticism and not even spared Pakistan Army and demanded rightsizing in it. It was the second consecutive day that parliamentarians had turned their guns towards the Armed Forces of the country and judges sitting in the apex judiciary, as on Tuesday Awami National Party (ANP) MNA Ms Bushra Gohar had criticised the exclusion of Army and Judiciary from shunting out of people on contract basis and demanded that the top ranking military officers, who have been granted extension in service in the recent past, should also be withdrawn likewise adhocism in apex judiciary should also be brought to an end. Taking the same course Nadeem Afzal Gondal had also grilled both the institutions in his speech and mockingly said why Supreme Court of Pakistan was not taking suo moto notice in Raymond Davis case. Nobody is above law, but while talking about the national institutions like Armed Forces of the country and superior judiciary one must be careful and not do it just for the sake of criticism and make it a fashion like we do in it, in so many cases, in our routine life.