The rise of European colonialism changed the perception of life wherever it reached. It brought modern Western ideas and concepts to the lands which were not known to them partially or utterly. Some of those new ideas were indeed responsible to bring revolutionary change in natives life of the conquered land but what it left on the face of it were divided groups of people with conflicting interests. No doubt, ambitious political theories, human rights and new economic opportunities came as an excellent package to the new born nations but what they completely lost was their self confidence, identity, cultural values and most importantly potential as a nation to groom honest and dedicated leadership. The recent uprising of common man in Arab world is indeed a sign of people coming out of a dangerous intellectual crisis, which was forced upon them after the fall of British Empire. Importantly it took nearly a century for them to do it. Beginning of the end of colonialism and fall of Ottoman Empire happened more or less simultaneously. It changed the world map. The fall of the Ottoman Empire immediately after World War 2 dramatically shifted anarchy from Europe to the Muslim world, mainly due to selfish individualism of Western and American society. It took more than two generations to entirely wipe out the ill effects and now the political dynamics of the Muslim world is changing spectacularly and swiftly. The question arises why it took so long? It is yet another point to understand that the end of British colonialism was the beginning of Americans neo-colonialism in the garb of imperialism. This covert form of colonialism acted as a breather for Westerners especially Europeans, which took its effect by controlling the political theater of the world through trained, tamed and corrupt leadership. From the Islamic Republic of Iran to secular republics in the Arab world or Indonesia, from monarchies in the Arab world, Malaysia, Nigeria (where monarchies rule over provinces), and Brunei, to democracies in Turkey, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Malaysia, Muslim states include great diversity in politics and the workings of governments. One thing which is purely common in these states is Islam, not only as a faith but also as a source of identity and an important factor in social relations and politics. The next thing which is more common amongst them is an impurity in the form of democratic dictators or dictatorial democrats. It is by and large believed in most of the world that political upheaval in Arab world is a well designed act by Americans and is a continuation of pick and chose theory adopted by Americans since long. Even before the fall of communism, this theory has indeed worked miracles for them - at least in our part of the world. In case, of Pakistan, from hanging of Bhutto to crash of Zia and removal of Musharraf, things really moved in right direction for them. The main reason for this unprecedented success is deplorable economic condition of the people of Pakistan which paved their way for this deadly power game for changing leadership. The revolutionary fervor in the Arab world can be of a great source of inspiration for a poor but fortunately a democratic country like Pakistan, where vibrant media can trigger the public opinion. The media can also do the all important job of awaking masses and can act as a credible institution for political awareness through social means. JAWAD RAZA KHAN, Islamabad, February 22.