For better or for worse, the Raymond Davis incident has fundamentally changed the perception of Pakistans security establishment towards the US. The US was no doubt relying on our political leadership but it was our security set-up that it was specifically counting on to carry on with its military campaign in Afghanistan. Earlier we had practically demonstrated how much vulnerable the US really was when we suspended NATO supplies to Afghanistan. Within hours of the embargo, the US was literally on its knees and had we not lifted the ban it would have created veritable disaster in Afghanistan. But now it has been confirmed as Davis episode testifies, that the American whom we again committed the mistake of taking as our friends were in fact stabbing us in the back, Islamabad must pay back in the same coin. Our intelligence apparatus on the other hand was always suspicious of the Americans intentions but due to pressure from certain sections like Ambassador Haqqani, the more loyal than the king-type, the government could not help but accept the US diktat. It is pleasing to know that according to reports, a decision has been taken by Prime Minister Gilani and the Interior Ministry to carry out a detailed investigation into the identity and activities of all CIA undercover operatives in Pakistan as well as a thorough review of the visa policy for all American nationals. It has also been decided to clip the wings of Ambassador Haqqani. His propensity to pamper the US despite reservations by security set-up not to issue visas to American military personnel has gone against the national interest. It appears Ambassador Haqqani is stationed in the US not to work for the country but to allow the US unbridled freedom to spread its military tentacles across Pakistan. Now, the government must make arrangements to throw out all these Americans from the country as soon as possible as they have been carrying out surveillance of our nuclear facilities, besides indulging in clandestine cloak and dagger operations to the detriment of our homeland security. The Americans are bogged down in Afghanistan and will only be digging their own grave by taking on Pakistans security establishment. The only lever that is at their disposal is that of extending the drone warfare, yet even a tough reply by Islamabad for instance in the form of bringing down the drones or halting NATO supplies can hold this aggression. Pakistan is the only country in the region that is presently supporting the US and one can well imagine the consequences of this vital ally abandoning it. We must try to understand this reality fully and treat Americans accordingly.