ISLAMABAD - In a rare show of criticism on judiciary, military, bureaucracy and political parties, Nadeem Afzal Chan of the ruling Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) on Wednesday in the National Assembly (NA) demanded rightsizing in the top brass of the military after recent down sizing in the cabinet. He also criticised his own partys Interior Minister Rehman Malik, Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) Chief Mian Nawaz Sharif, Muttahida Quami Movement (MQM) and other political parties and the media. Taking part in the debate on the law and order situation in the country, Afzal uttered some words against the higher judiciary, which were later expunged by the NA Speaker. He questioned as to why it was right to give extension to Justice (Retd) Khalil-ur-Rehman Ramday and wrong to others. Why it is right when the loans are waived off for military generals as well as bureaucrats and wrong for others, he added. Chan said the country needed soldiers but not the generals so the military establishment should do right sizing in its top brass. He requested the military generals and bureaucrats to give assurance to the nation that they would only avail the facility of one plot for themselves instead of six plots before retirement. Criticising the higher judiciarys prerogative to take suo moto notice, he said it should take suo moto notice of the Raymond Davis issue. He also said that if the Prime Ministers son was answerable for his bullet proof vehicle, then those, who purchased a vehicle worth Rs 25 million and whose driver was sent abroad to get training to drive it should also be answerable. Chan said the ruling club had no party. Pervez Musharraf used to visit the house of a person in Rawalpindi for night parties and now Mian Shahib (Nawaz Sharif) visits this house to have a meal with him, he stated. He said the nation should escape the deadline politics. He also criticised his own partys minister Rehman Malik saying the persons who used to travel along with Pervez Musharraf, travelled along with Malik at present. He termed the 'parliamentarians who performed duty as an informer of the establishment and of their party leaders to please them, as terrorists. Prior to his speech, he said on the point of order that Rehman Malik should be given the additional charge of IG of some province as he was more focused on this job. Chan also censured MQM on their demand to introduce agriculture tax in the country. He said not the politicians, but the bureaucrats were corrupt. However, Sheikh Waqas Akram of PML-Q, later said that politicians were also corrupt, as they had failed to eradicate corruption being done right under their nose. Chan said the economic and religious issues were the main reasons behind deteriorating law and order situation. He said the Government should bring reforms in seminary systems and condemned those who used these seminaries for Talibanisation. He said the media overplayed the issue of Raymond Davis adding no one did any investigative story about the activities of those killed by him. Sheikh Aftab, Syed Asif Husnian and Sheikh Waqas Akram also took part in the debate. Sheikh Waqas requested the PPP leadership to hear the dissenting voice of Chan fearing that his own party fro speaking 'truth might sideline him. He observed that the corruption was the main cause behind the poor law and order situation. He also said that politicians supported the corrupt police cultures to gain support for their voters adding that the social acceptability of corruption was increased. Responding to a call attention notice raised by many parliamentarians regarding deterioration condition of Pakistan Railways earlier, Minister for Railways Haji Ghulam Ahmed Bilour said the department needed Rs 11.1 billion to run its affairs alleging the Finance Ministry did not provide with the required money despite the cabinets approval. He observed that neither the privatisation of PR, nor the selling of its precious land was the solution of its crisis. He said if the government provided 400 locomotives to him, he would bail out it from this crisis and turn it into a profitable organisation. Abid Sher Ali, on the point of order, sought the governments assurance for an end to gas load shedding in Punjab saying that the industry was badly affected due to it. Dr Lal Chand on a point of order said that some employees of a private contractor fired at his vehicle at NHA toll plaza but no action had been taken against the accused. He regretted that neither the Prime Minister, nor the Interior Minister took any notice of the issue. He also demanded to cancel the contract of that contractor. Many parliamentarians condemned the issue before Minister for Communications responded the matter. Senator Farooq Sattar, on a point of order, raised the issue of four Pakistanis who had been made hostage by Somalian pirates some months ago, before the House was adjourned to meet again on Thursday at 10 am. He perhaps was pointing towards the vehicle of Chief Justice of Supreme Court that was imported from national kitty on security reasons.