ISLAMABAD - The coalition partners meeting convened Wednesday by Prime Minister Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani turned into a forum for the MPs to register their complaints regarding lack of development funds for their constituencies. Addressing the meeting of the PPP parliamentary party and its allies, including ANP, MQM, PML-F and FATA members, at the Prime Ministers House and speaking to a delegation of politicians in his parliamentary chamber, the PM said that the process of consultation and dialogue should not be made hostage to any timeframe as it affects the sincere efforts being made by the government for the welfare of the public. He said the government was open to all kind of suggestions and would not allow vested interests to overcome the public interest. The PM said the leadership across the political spectrum should work for political stability, which, he said, was vital to trickle down economic benefits to the masses. Prime Minister Gilani said political reconciliation is a vital component of the governments policy. After elections, the PPP could have formed its government in Punjab with the support of independent members, but it did not go down the path in the spirit of the Charter of Democracy (CoD), he said. Gilani stressed the need for setting aside the politics of confrontation and point-scoring. Political leaders should focus on steering the country out of the prevailing crises, he said. The PM the problems facing the country were appalling and no political party could single-handedly address them. Some MPs who attended the meeting informed The Nation that the members, particularly from the Pakistan Peoples Party, raised a plethora of complaints against non-provision of funds for development projects in their constituencies and indifference of the federal cabinet. Former federal ministers, including Makhdoom Shah Mahmood Qureshi, also attended the meeting, but most of the time he remained silent. Briefing the media about the meeting, Federal Minister for Information and Broadcasting Dr Firdous Ashiq Awan said the prime minister underlined the need for collective wisdom and dialogue among the parties to improve political environment. She said the PM thanked the coalition partners for their support and said the government in its remaining term would complete the unfinished agenda of providing economic relief to the masses. Gilani reiterated his governments resolve to continue with the policy of reconciliation and said it always accommodated other political parties after the split mandate, which came in the election of 2008, she added. The PM said the government is answerable to the people and it wanted to accomplish the task of improving their lot. Admitting that the rise in prices affected the people, the PM said the government raised wages of the salaried class by 50 percent to ease their difficulties. The real challenges are economic stability, law and order, foreign direct investment and the concerns of the international community on terrorism, she quoted the PM as saying. The PM said macroeconomic indicators have improved, exports are on the rise, foreign remittances have increased and stock exchanges are attracting investment. The exports this year will rise by 26 percent to $ 22 billion, remittances will climb by 17 percent to $ 10 billion and foreign exchange reserves will cross $ 17 billion, she quoted Gilani as saying. Fiscal deficit is also kept in check with cut in non-development expenditure along with steps to improve fiscal space in the face of import bill which expanded because of rising global oil prices. Dr Firdous said the PM told the members that the government always put a clear picture of national affairs before its allies, did not hide facts and set new trends of political tolerance. She said the PM did not discriminate between government and opposition in granting development funds. Gilani said the rehabilitation of flood victims will go forward as the international community will meet its financial pledges. Separately, talking to parliamentarians who called on him at his parliamentary chamber, the PM said that a new trend of political accommodation and tolerance was added to the national political arena, which would go a long way in the overall progress and development of the country. The parliamentarians informed the PM about the problems of their respective areas. The PM directed the authorities concerned to prepare a report about the issues and come up with viable solutions. Also, Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani agreed with Awami National Party (ANP) over the wider parliamentary ownership for the economic reforms and said that no single party could steer the country out of the prevailing crisis alone. The PM expressed these views while talking to an ANP delegation led by Senator Haji Adeel, who called on him at his Parliament House Chamber. A few days back the ANP had expressed its concern over not taking them on board about the ongoing negotiations with the PML-N over the 10-point agenda. Gilani said that the governments economic team was working relentlessly to identify options as well as solutions for the economic challenges. The delegation included Senator Zahid Khan, Senator Afraseab Khattak and MNAs Bushra Gohar, Hafeez Sheikh, Minister of Finance, Syed Naveed Qamar, Minister of Privatisation and Syed Khursheed Shah, Minister of Religious Affairs.