President Asif Zardari has once again shown by practical example that he conceives of his role as asking for aid, something which he did once again in Japan, where he met Prime Minister Naoto Kan during his visit. President Zardari should also think about why Libyan President Muammar Gaddafi held out as a horrifying prospect to his country that it could become like Pakistan or Afghanistan. President Zardari should reflect that the country which he is looking to for aid had emerged from the holocaust of World War II, at the end of which it became the only country to suffer nuclear attack, but emerged from that to become an economic giant and a country which gives out aid and invests heavily abroad, including in Pakistan, as Prime Minister Kan said during his meeting. That President Gaddafi made his statement during President Zardaris visit to Japan may have been unfortunate, but it also reflected the reputation of Pakistan among the Libyan nation, but most strongly it reflected a poor opinion of governance here, and President Zardari should reflect on how his government has performed, and how the PPP, which he heads and which is now more than four decades old, has performed while in office, and how far it has brought Pakistan forward during its numerous periods in office. While President Zardari is not responsible for the periods in office of his late father-in-law or his late wife, he is responsible for his own time in office, in which Pakistan has experienced only things like inflation, the hand-over of the nations foreign policy to the USA and its economic policy to the IMF, unrest, the occupation of Afghanistan by the USA and its helping hand to India to harm Pakistan. Worse, the Presidents party has done nothing to bring Pakistan forward in this time, and to top this, there has been so much political instability rife in the country, symbolized by the PPPs inability to resolve the implementation of the PML(N)s 10-point agenda with that party, a crisis which is leading towards the expulsion of the PPP from the Punjab Cabinet, a crisis which President Zardari took a break from by undertaking his current trip. At this point, where not only are Pakistans problems piling up, but the PPP seems to have been converted into a vehicle through which President Zardari struggles to avoid implementing the verdicts of the Supreme Court, the PPP itself is the only body which can rein him in, and, acting as a genuine political party, reflect peoples aspirations, and enable Pakistan to take its rightful place as a respected member of the comity of nations, a position which depends on the countrys economic performance, something which in turn depends on good, efficient and honest government which implements innovative measures which enable the release of the people creative energy.