Creation of more administrative units in Sind, Punjab and KP may resolve some of problems, but it alone is not the solution. Too much resources have been spent on development of existing provincial capitals, while other major towns and cities are being neglected. This has created a lot of friction for example between the interior of Sind and major urban cities like Karachi. Similar is the situationin KP and Punjab, where Hazara belt and South Punjab are demanding separate administrative units. The disadvantage is that this may lead to more administrative costs given the practice of large provincial cabinets that we witness in Balochistan, KP and Sind itself. The system needs to be revamped in such a manner that administrative costs are reduced while emphasis for development is focused on under developed areas. There is a need to emulate the example of setting Danish schools that have been set up in Punjab in underdeveloped areas, so that people of these areas can have access to quality education, and be able to become self-reliant in terms of human resources. Under no circumstances should mistakes made in Balochistan be ever repeated, where bogus domiciles were issued to give jobs to adjoining provinces, because the province itself lacked enough quality schools, colleges anduniversities and ended upwith acute shortage of qualified human resources capable tohold executive assignments. The underdeveloped areas need tobe provided with human capital before they aregivenmore autonomy. It must also be noted that political elitefrom these under developed areas have also contributed to their underdevelopment, because they and their families have settled in major cities of Pakistan and this has led to a disconnect between the people and their elected leaders. In some cases, members of this ruling elite have shifted their major assets abroad and are only associated with these areas for their political objectives. The responsibility forneglect of underdeveloped areas rests more upon the politicalelite elected from these places, who have failed to deliver. RAHAT SIDDIQI, Karachi, February 22.