KARACHI - Pakistan Romania Business Council is formally launched here with the aim to further enhance trade between the two countries. Ambassador of Romania Emilian Ion, while speaking on the occasion of inauguration ceremony said that creation of a Pakistan Romania Business Council will generate important contribution towards fulfilling the economic mission of both countries, making it possible to increase the benefits that trade generates, promotes and develops for all members belonging to Pakistan and Romania at large. He said the EU accession opens huge opportunities for all citizens, local communities, enterprises and institution, as well as for Romanias business partners. He further added that all obstacles in the trade with EU Member States have been removed. We are now entirely applying the common trade policy with third world country. He said Romania has a strategic location within the EU, being an open gate for EU towards CIS, Asia, Middle East and Northern Africa. The possibility to participate in major projects in the Black Sea Extended Area in the Central & Eastern European Region, Romania has an important role in assuring the energy security for Europe (major transit pipelines, energy production & supply). In the welcome address, Sohail Shamim Firpo said that the Council has a mission for aspiration and desire to stimulate the growth of our economics, to create suitable conditions for the insertion of business in a global economy and in general, to promote growth in production capacity through internationalisation. Promoting exports, as a priority for healthy and sustained economic growth that incorporates new technologies and capacity for innovation remain the objective of the Council. Leader of Business Community Diraj Kassam Teli, President of KCCI Saeed Shafiq and others also spoke on the occasion.