ISLAMABAD - Pakistan Peoples Party and Pakistan Muslim League (Nawaz) teams could not thrash out differences on the long pending National Accountability Commission (NAC) drat bill, which is part of the 10-point agenda given by Mian Nawaz Sharif to the government for bringing overall improvement in economic and administrative matters. Sources privy to the negotiations going on between the PML-N and government sides over the past over a month said that both sides failed to narrow down differences and chances of tabling the draft of new accountability law in the National Assembly during the current session seemed bleak. Earlier the PML-N team led by Senator Ishaq Dar was given assurance that the government would incorporate their proposed changes in the draft bill of National Accountability Commission Act 2010 and the same would be tabled before the National Assembly for approval during the current session. But as the differences between the two sides could not be settled down, so the matter is deferred for the time being and not included in the National Assembly agenda for the current session. The sources in PML-N informed that they were disappointed over the current state of affairs as the government team was just buying time and they did not mean business. Chairperson National Assembly Standing Committee on Law and Justice, Begum Nasim Akhtar Chaudhry, when asked about the fate of the NAC Act 2010 draft bill, replied that the matter was now taken up by the special committees of PPP and PML-N at higher level and the committee would look into the matter when it was referred back to it with proposed amendments in the draft NAC bill. She said that finally it would be the NA Standing Committee on Law and Justice, which would give the final approval to the draft NAC Bill. The sources in the government informed that they had objections over making the serving judge of the Supreme Court as chairman of the new accountability apparatus and at the same time the government did not want to grant it financial and administrative autonomy and wanted to keep it as part of the Federal Law Ministry. It is pertinent to mention here that the draft NAC bill was deferred several times over the past couple of years as PML-N members of the NA standing committee on law and justice charged that the draft bill was tampered with by the government and the things agreed upon between the stakeholders in the NA standing committees meetings were not incorporated in it. Leader of Opposition in the National Assembly Ch Nisar Ali Khan had several times raised the issue of governments non-serious attitude towards establishment of independent accountability commission but instead of mending the ways PPP-led coalition government had put the exercise in limbo on one or the other pretexts during the last three years.