LAHORE - Medical teaching is more than just offering ideas and data to students. It calls for direct contact with students, effective use of language, capability to use limited time effectively, and the ability to be entertaining. These views were expressed by Prof. Arif Rashid Khawaja while addressing at a workshop on Presentation Skills. It was held at the University of Health Sciences on Tuesday. The 2-day workshop has been organised by the UHSs Centre for Innovative Learning and Teaching. More than 60 faculty members of private and public medical colleges attended the workshop. Prof. Khawaja said that lectures were the most popular form of teaching in medical education. As much as preparation and organization are key to the success of a lecture, the actual presentation also depends upon the presenters ability to reach the audience, he said and added that presentation skills were integral elements of the complex craft of teaching. The medical educationist highlighted the importance of voice clarity and speaking speed, approaches to using audiovisual aids, maintaining eye contact, injecting physical and mental energy into the presentation, and using non-verbal communication to complement, not contradict, teachers verbal communication.