LAHORE - PML-Q issued show-cause notices to 15-party dissidents in Punjab Assembly without making their names public, asking them to submit explanation for forming an unconstitutional Unification Bloc ignoring the fact that they were elected on PML-Q tickets. Chaudhry Zaheer-ud-Din, Opposition Leader in Punjab Assembly on Wednesday issued show-cause notices to 15-party dissidents calling it the first phase. While, a party spokesman without substantiating any reason for not making public the names of the renegades, told this scribe that the names of the party rebels who were served with notices would be made public later. To a query about show-cause notices to the entire group of 47 rebels, he said that the 32 members of the bloc were still not clear for siding with the dissident group. It is merit mentioning here, Dr. Tahir Ali Javed, Parliamentary party leader of Unification or Forward Bloc insisted while talking to this reporter that he had the list of 47 members with their signatures and against this strength, they got independent status in Punjab Assembly. He also challenged the PML-Q to show their strength in front of the Speaker Punjab Assembly. Zaheer, who is PML-Qs General Secretary Punjab issuing the show-cause notice on Wednesday said that the next step against the turncoats would be filing of references against them with Election Commission of Pakistan. The notice stated that the mentioned party rebels were awarded tickets for 2008 polls on their formal request to Chaudhry Pervaiz Elahi, partys provincial President, while the so-called members of Unification Bloc had violated partys discipline by opting for Treasury Benches and forming their group that was not registered with the Election Commission. It further said that these particular members against party decision had been meeting the Punjab Chief Minister for inclusion in the Cabinet and were on record as saying that their induction in the Cabinet was not going to make any difference. The notice also stated that 15-members had openly declared to vote for the Chief Minister in case of vote of confidence. Furthermore, the show-cause notice asked the dissidents to furnish an explanation as to how they could request the Speaker to nominate one of them as the Parliamentary leader and the Opposition leader, as according to the law the sole authority in this regard had with the President of the party. The notice gave a period of three days to 15-dissidents for replying to the charges. It also stated that in case of non-compliance, the competent authority will be left with no other choice than to file references against them for disqualification in the Election Commission through Speaker of the Assembly. Dr Tahir on this point said that references could not be filed against them unless the bloc members vote for the Chief Minister in case of no-trust motion or voting in favour of money bill in the Assembly. He also said that Unification Bloc members were ready to face all actions of their former political bosses.