LAHORE - Reiterating his ignorance of Indias Foreign Exchange Management Act and customs rules, noted Pakistani singer Rahat Fahteh Ali Khan has expressed his intentions to move a competent court in India to take his confiscated money back. After reaching homeland, he told reporters at a local hotel here on Wednesday that he would discuss bringing his money back with his friends and lawyers. I have never done anything wrong that can be a reason for defaming Pakistan. I was carrying the money generated by his five gigs in different cities of India, he said. He ruled out conspiracy against him, saying that there was no conspiracy against him and he faced trouble owing to his ignorance. He said he was totally unaware of the Indian laws. Internationally an amount of $10,000 is allowed to carry but in India it was up to $ 5,000. We were a group of 14 people and everyone had the money up to the limit of $ 5,000. Rahat thanked the government machinery, especially Interior Minister Rahman Malik for being in continuous contact with him during his trial in India. He praised Pakistani High Commissioner to India Shahid Malik who, according to Rahat, remained in contact with him and the Indian authorities during the investigation and cooperated him. About Indian celebrities, he only Mahesh Batt helped him in his tough time. However, he lauded the Indian government for respecting him keeping in view his artistic status. But, he added that Indian media exaggerating the affair. It was a mistake. It was not something that should be been blown out of proportion, he said. He said that he would go to India again when he was invited respectfully and that the incident would not affect his singing commitments there. Responding to a question about threat of Shiv Sena to the Indian film industry for hiring the Pakistani artists, he said it was up to the Indian industry that how they treat with threats of the Hindu extremists.